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Get a taste of what college looks like! At UACS, we are offering you the opportunity to prepare for your future education! 
The academic program places high school students in three week intensive college/university level courses which may be applicable for a future degree. This intensive program will give you the chance to experience the teaching methods and techniques by international faculty, and learn new and exciting things that will help you decide your future career.

During the course you will visit the Central Bank of R. Macedonia, the Parliament, take a tour of some of the biggest companies, and meet many esteemed professionals from the Macedonian industry. 

Course duration: June 15 - July 03,2015

Early registration: May 10, 2015



University American College Skopje is proud to initiate the 10th annual international academic conference on European integration
Skopje, Thursday 21 May 2015

This inter- and multi-disciplinary one-day conference seeks to explore new and alternative prospects of European integration from a fresh, critical and forward looking perspective - one that goes beyond the current stalemate in the debate over federalist vs. nationalist tendencies and the delayed EU enlargement.

Dr. Marina Andeva, Visiting Lecturer at the UACS School of Political Science, has participated at the International Conference entitled “Trans-ethnic Coalition-building within and across States” in Uppsala, Sweden, from 7 – 9 January 2015, with the paper “Minorities in coalition governments: the case of the Republic of Macedonia”.

The Conference was hosted by the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, in conjunction with the European Centre for Minority Issues, the University of Glasgow Centre for Russian, Central and East European Studies and the Kazakhstan Academy of Public Administration.

The complete Conference Programme can be found at the following link:


On 24 December 2014 the UACS School of Foreign Languages students together with their Professor and Dean, Dr Marjana Vaneva, visited the American Corner Skopje premises - a rich resource centre and a School’s partner.

The American Corner Skopje provides extensive book collections, magazines and Internet access for research. It also organizes many programs: lectures, film/DVD showings, workshops, discussions and conversation hours. In the field of education, it also provides students with advice on study in the USA. During the visit, besides being informed about the Corner’s activities, the students expressed particular interest in doing internship in this institution, as a springboard for their future career.


The UACS professor and Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, Dr. Marjana Vaneva, published a paper in the December edition of the Theory and Practice in Language Studies, Vol. 4, No 12 (2014), ISSN: 1799-2591, which is published by ACADEMY PUBLISHER and manufactured in Finland.

The paper is titled “Adjective to Verb Zero Derivation in Macedonian: Reconsidering the Importance of Cognition in Understanding This Word Formation Process”, has its DOI number doi:10.4304/tpls.4.12.2455-2459, and can be accessed here


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