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University American College Skopje is proud to initiate
the 10th annual international academic conference on European integration
Skopje, Thursday 21 May 2015

This inter- and multi-disciplinary one-day conference seeks to explore new and alternative prospects of European integration from a fresh, critical and forward looking perspective - one that goes beyond the current stalemate in the debate over federalist vs. nationalist tendencies and the delayed EU enlargement.

On Wednesday 12 of November, Maastricht School of Management and University American College Skopje signed a cooperation agreement and with that UACS became the first high education institution in Macedonia with an MBA program ranked among top 100 in the world according to Shanghai ranking list.

The agreement for cooperation and the announced starting of the collaboration was signed between the rector of the University American College Skopje Marjan Bojadziev and the dean of the School of Management Maastricht Professor Wim A. Naude, in the presence of the Macedonian Minister of Education and Science, Mr.Abdilaqim Ademi.



 ELTAM, the English language and literature teachers’ association hosted the 8th IATEFL – TESOL – ELTAM international conference from October 31 – 2 November 2014, in Skopje, Macedonia, with the working title Managing teaching and learning-making the most of both worlds - Enhancing teachers’ and students’ life and organisational skills.
ELTAM and UACS have a mutual memorandum of understanding, and worked closely towards bringing excellence in this international gathering.


Our professor Marjan Petreski participated at the 1st Research conference "Macroeconomic policies and financial stability in emerging markets" organized by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, in Baku, 30-31 October 2014. Marjan presented his paper: "Inflation targeting at the crossroads: Evidence from post-communist economies during the crisis". 

 Professor Dr. Azra Jaganac is a professor at the University of Sarajevo and Travnik’s Environmental University and teaches technological group of items and green engineering. It was our honor to have her as a guest lecturer on the topic “Green Economy”
Within the lecture of Prof. Dr. Azra Jaganjac, a special attention was given on the green economy in the countries of the region and the problems of implementation of environmental standards of the European Union in these countries.


Doctor Honoris Causa


International Summer School of Architecture and Design

UACS has a policy of awarding Honorary Title to outstanding individuals. So far, we were privileged ...
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