12 Universities from 8 Countries Developing RESITA NET
The University American College Skopje is part of the 12 Universities from 8 Southeastern European countries that develop the RESITA NET, which is supposed to help entrepreneurship and innovation development and ease the communication between the education system and the business sector.
“Our mission will be successful when the academic society is put in the service of the business sector, and this year’s job of the Academy is developing in that direction,” said Peter Shulte, economic advisor from the German Institute for European studies.
This regional network has been developing for more than 4 years, and every year the Summer Academy is held in a different country from the region. The professors are convinced that the Business Councils that exist within the universities are the first step towards business needs.
“Over 200 companies are part of our Business Council. Business and marketing plans are being developed for the companies’ needs, which they can later accept or continue to develop them,” said Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevska, PhD, Dean of the School of Business Administration at UACS.
The Universities in the region function in almost the same manner. The Technical University in Bor, Serbia, has four different studies that collaborate with each other.
“This enables us to merge some technological discoveries with the managerial skills, in order to approach the manufacturing process, in a contemporary way, and manage it,” said Vice-Chancellor Dragana Zivkovikj.
For four days, over 30 universities are going to create strategies for supporting the entrepreneurship development, through joint master entrepreneurship programs and student and staff exchange, familiarizing them with the business practices in different countries from the region.
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