Facing Present, Past and Future
Dr. Marjana Vaneva, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, participated in the 4th International BAAHE Conference entitled Facing Present, Past and Future with the paper “Negative Prefixes in English and Macedonian”. The conference was held at Hogeschool –Universiteit Brussel (University College Brussels) in Brussels, from December 1st-3rd, 2011, and organized by the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education. It was divided in three sections: Linguistics, Literature, and ELT, and opened by three distinguished plenary speakers: Lawrence Horn, Robert Eaglestone, and Basil Hatim.
Dr. Vaneva’s presentation on several negative prefixes in the English and Macedonian language, which focuses on the concept of lexical negation by applying semantic approach to its analysis, took place on December 2nd. The research areas that intersect in this study are morphology, lexicology and semantics.