Information Day of Language Technologies and Innovation
On March, 14, prof. Galia Angelova, PhD and Kiril Simov, PhD, from Institute of information and communication technologies, within Bulgarian Academy of Sciences were guests of UACS, and presented their latest research results. The titles of presentations were:
- The EU infrastructure - CLARIN and its Bulgarian Component
- Medical text processing: presentation of the projects EVTIMA and PSIP

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The audience were mostly UACS students, but included representative from the government, from the Secretariat for European questions, as well as some colleagues from other research institutions. The event was held in Amphitheater A1, the presentations were 50 minutes long and there were a lot of questions from the audience. 

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At the end of the ceremony, at around 13.30, the concept of Language Modeling Laboratory which will be established at UACS was promoted. The first results are due in June.
The aim of the event was to bring together researchers from all Macedonian academic organizations that deal with various aspects of language processing and informatics, as well as representatives of companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, that might help for the starting initiatives in Macedonia in this area. The topics discussed included experiences and research in:
Building linguistic resources for Bulgarian language: type of resources, efforts needed, application potential;
BG-CLARIN as part of the European infrastructure CLARIN (;
Application of language technologies for processing medical texts (in the projects EVTIMA and PSIP);
Possibilities to organize international funding for the tasks to be performed in Macedonia.

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