Macedonian Lawyers Association - Newest Member of the UACS Business Council
The benefits of this signed collaboration will be towards the development in use of the education, researching and training in the academic education and in professional development.
In addition to these benefits, this agreement between UACS and the Macedonian Lawyers Association for the students of the School of Law will gain important experience regarding their knowledge and practical view in certain areas of the law.
For full membership within the Association, the following conditions should be fulfilled:
• The person applying for membership must have a degree in law; 
• The person applying for membership should apply on voluntary basis by signing the membership application form; 
• The person applying for membership must accept the Code of Ethics of the Macedonian Lawyers Association;
• The person applying for membership must pay a membership fee of 500,00 MKD for annual membership.
Benefits of the membership
The members have the opportunity for professional development and upgrading of knowledge in certain areas of law with the opportunity to participate in the sections of the Association 
Through the Association, the members can express their views on certain legal regulations in the phase of adoption or amendments, and to initiate changes to certain laws, such initiatives would be submitted to the competent institutions by the Association
To participate in the Assembly of the Association of which you can make contacts with other members of the Association and to exchange opinions on certain legal issues
The members have priority for participation on free educational seminars; 
The members have priority in receiving free brochures and member’s discount for MLA publications; 
The MLA’s large library is open to all members; 
The members will receive a large discount for the traditional Lawyers meetings (organized twice a year), and discount for participation on other seminars organized by MLA.
Additional benefits for postgraduate students
1.   Beneficial price for the issue of Theory and Practice of Law, Business law.
2.   Large discount for postgraduate students on the annual subscription to the magazine “Lawyer “ (800 MKD for 1 year)
3.   Opportunity to join the Young Lawyers Section - priority for volunteering in the Association
4.  Opportunity to publish an extract of their master’s paper in the magazine Lawyer 
5.       50% Discount of for participation on the traditional Lawyers Meetings