UACS educates Europe and U.S. about entrepreneurship from Macedonian company FX3X
A lack of teachers in the field of entrepreneurship and the need for interactive lectures, networking and sharing of knowledge between academic institutions in the world was the topic of the European Entrepreneurship Colloquium (EEC) in organization with European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research (EFER) and in collaboration with the IESE Business School (Barcelona) and Warsaw School of Economics, held from the 17th through the 23rd of July, 2011, in Warsaw, Poland.
The colloquium is based on a program "Teach the Teacher", conducted by EFER at Cambridge University in 2001, the European Colloquium for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School on "Lectures Focusing on the Listener", and the 2005-2008 program Maastricht in 2009, co-financed by the Dutch government. 
EEC 2010-2012 is co-funded by the European Commission, University of Cambridge and Europe Unlimited. 
Through these programs, over 370 professors from 16 countries worldwide have gained knowledge, with UACS already having 14 teachers who are actively involved in the colloquia from 2007 onwards. 
This practice of bringing academia to business and entrepreneurial education through generations affects the advancement of the national economy and competitiveness.
EFER this year launched a project entitled "New European Champions" and aims to identify patterns of entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Russia, with a talent for developing businesses through innovation in the highly competitive international business environment. 
A group of professors, led by Prof. Macedonian Dimitrova, nominated two companies according to the criteria. One entrepreneur with vision, Mr. Danilovski Kristijan, founder of the company Fx3x, won an award for New European Champion 2011 at a ceremony of respect for the achievements of the international market of the Warsaw School of Economics on the 21st of July, 2011.
"The awards marked the beginning process of teaching case studies in order to develop relevant educational materials and a collection of examples for practice case studies worldwide, indicating that entrepreneurship education is most influential and most successful when young people speak and learn of influential and successful models of entrepreneurship that can be identified. Education for entrepreneurship is the task of each country and will play a key role in developing new generations of capable entrepreneurs, inspired to start a new business with an international character," explains Makedonka Dimitrova, professor of entrepreneurship at the School of Business Economics and Management at the University American College Skopje (UACS), developer of educational example for Fx3x.
Entrepreneurs are selected by a prestigious committee of leading figures from academic and business communities providing a high level of diversity in terms of countries, industries, issues, and phases of growth, challenges and strategies for internationalization. 
"This award is a great incentive to continue a fierce battle for new projects in the international market and to continue to achieve the Hollywood dream. And because my company, Fx3x, we are among 25 companies selected from among hundreds in CEE and Russia, through innovative business models and the expansion to international markets allows more of an incentive to share the challenges and obstacles with younger generations and by that way influence the development of an entrepreneurial culture and economy in Macedonia, while increasing the visibility of the company out of our country. Global growth is confirmed by the ongoing open call for 30 new digital animators who are willing to learn and participate in realizing the mission of the company globally recognized for digital effects." - Kristijan Danilovski, CEO and founder of F3x, at the gala ceremony in Warsaw. 
The process will end with publication and presentation of the examples of distinguished entrepreneurs by professors from Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Macedonia in July next year at Cambridge University, host of the Seminar for Professor of Entrepreneurship within the EFER project. More than 12 professors of UACS are EFER alumni, which promotes learning of content and teaching theory through practical examples.
Below are the new European champions for 2011: 
Company, country of origin, entrepreneur
1) GECAD,  Romania,  Radu Georgescu
2) Studio Moderna,  Slovenia, Sandi Češko
3) Softserve, Ukraine, Taras Vervega
4) Linet, Czech Republic, Zbynek Frolik
5) Big Filter, Russia, Boris Beylin
6) Laser Diagnostic Instruments, Estonia, Dr. Sergey Babichenko
7) ACE Enterprise, Slovakia, Alexander Cimbalak
8) Modesat, Estonia, Tarmo Pihl
9) Masterplast, Hungary, David Tibor
10) Expedition, Russia, Alexander Kravtsov
11) Graphisoft, Hungary, Gábor Bojár
12) Atlantic Grupa, Croatia, Emil Tedeschi
13) LogMeIn, Hungary, Marton Anka & Michael Simon
14) Fornetti, Hungary, Jozsef Palásti
15) fx3x, Macedonia, Kristijan Danilovski
16) Selena, Poland, Krzysztof Domarecki
17) Roleski, Poland, Marek Roleski & Tomasz Petelicki
18) Geofoto, Croatia, Dr. Zvonko Biljecki
19) Siveco, Romania, Irina Socol
20) Pipistrel, Slovenia, Ivo Boscarol
21) Morpol, Poland, Jerzy Malek
22) Solaris Bus, Poland, Solange Olszewska & Krzysztof Olszewski
23) Magix, Germany, Jürgen Jaron
24) PKF Betar, Russia, Renat Fardeev
25) Madara, Latvia, Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere
26) KT Group, Russia, Mikhail Hazov