UACS student participates at UNESCO Youth Forum held in Paris
The UNESCO Youth Forum, held prior to UNESCO's General Conference, brings together young delegates from all over the world to exchange views, share experiences, reflect together and, above all, detect common preoccupations and problems. The event allows young people to voice their ideas and concerns and make suggestions directly to the UNESCO General Conference.
Today’s youth are raising their voices to shape the present and futures of their countries. They want to be heard, to be included in decision-making debates and to make change. Student engagement, social innovation, fostering democracy, youth employment, conflict and sustainable development are among the issues that were discussed on the floor of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum.
Held from the 17th through the 20th of October, 2011, at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the Forum brought together youth delegates, civil society participants, UN entities, intergovernmental organizations, academics and the private sector. Two hundred and forty five youth delegates from 193 Member States and over 250 civil society observers participated in the Forum. Participants discussed, debated, and exchanged ideas on the Forum’s timely themes and had the opportunity to present their recommendations to the representatives of Member States during the 36th UNESCO General Conference. 
During the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum, youth delegates and key partners examined achievements and lessons learnt during the International Year of Youth and discussed ways to maintain and capitalize on the momentum created by the Year. 
The main theme of the Forum was how youth drive change. Click here for more information about the UNESCO Youth Forum.
Representing the voice of young people from the Republic of Macedonia for this Youth Forum was UACS graduate student Ema Kostovska. She was the sole delegate from Macedonia and an active participant throughout this event.

UNESCO Youth Forum

Participants were divided into five regional groups to discuss the draft of the Youth Forum Report. At these meetings Ema was actively discussing the issues and problems Macedonian youth face, in adoption with the Youth Forum Report, which included recommendations from almost each country in the region. Ema was also included in the private sessions led by academy award winning actor and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Forest Whitaker’s team on Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Communication and Empowerment. 

Forest Whitaker

Several inspirational speeches were given throughout the Forum from Paolo Coelho, Forest Whitaker, and Irina Bokova
Paolo Coelho