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Mission, Vision and Values
The University’s Mission Statement
The University American College Skopje (UACS) was founded with the understanding that all people are enriched by education.
UACS considers itself as a Third Generation University – a University, independent from Governmental support, mainly teaching in the English language and is operational in a regional or global market.
UACS operations are guided by the 3I Principles:  
- International Faculty; 
- International student body; 
- International curricula, textbooks and teaching supplements.
UACS strives to provide excellence in higher education by combining the best of European and American educational standards.
UACS endeavors to provide competency in a field of concentration. 
UACS strongly supports participant centered learning, learning through practice, internships, visiting lecturers from the business community and other forms of teaching that link students closer with real life situations. UACS believes that this is the best way to prepare students for the challenges of the real world, especially on the graduate level.
In this sense, UACS embraces faculty members with significant practical and professional achievements, as well as those who have added academic achievements.
The University’s Vision Statement

- Become a leader of higher education in the region and promote good practice and cooperation amongst other educational institutions,
- Promote university based academic excellence and research recognized by the business community, faculty, students and graduates,
- Promote consultancy and strong industry relations of its faculty
- Promote lifelong learning, executive education and professional development for all that embrace education, 
- Participate in the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA),
- Become an international and regional business education center in South East Europe. 

The University’s Value Statement

Ad destinatum persequor!
Aside from professional expertise, the University encourages its graduates to practice their profession to the fullest extent, but never to forget their utmost responsibilities to their families, professions, and fellow men and women in their communities by becoming effective leaders and contributing citizens.
UACS cherishes understanding and respect for the ideas and thoughts of others.
UACS cherishes and embraces:
- professional and personal development and growth of the members of the UACS family so that they can promulgate professional and personal development of our students and also breed better organizations and eventually create a better society.
- UACS supports those in need, and supports its students and members to support them.
- Qualitative education is our highest priority! Ad destinatum persequor!

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Location: Aleksandar Palace
Location: Aleksandar Palace
University American College Skopje
Blvd. Treta makedonska brigada no.60
Skopje 1000, Macedonia

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