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University Profile
The University American College Skopje (UACS) was established in 2005 as one of the few independent universities in the Republic of Macedonia. The University is an institution for higher education that combines the best of American and European educational experiences.
UACS offers American efficiency through carefully designed curricula, current professional literature and case studies from distinguished authors, as well as implementing the “American Way”.
We are a university where each student counts, where each student is taken seriously, and where faculty members know students by name. The close student attention is a distinctive feature of UACS. Most importantly, emphasis is placed on both professionalism, and on a holistic educational approach to student development.
Our mission is to enhance the students’ ability to think creatively and critically, and to communicate effectively.
UACS is designed to provide the community with higher education, professional support to industry and government, and most notably, well-trained young individuals prepared to enter the workforce with professional and exceptional knowledge.
UACS employs the European model of continuous education. This includes an accelerated baccalaureate degree program as well as extended studies at the graduate level. The programs for undergraduate and graduate levels are designed to be completed in 3+1+1 years, with the full option of transferring credits from other accredited institutions.
Below you can view the list of degrees for the European and American equivalence:

Duration of study EU degrees US degrees
3 year studies Bachelor Degree Associate Degree
4 year studies Specialist Degree Bachelor Degree
5 year studies Master Degree Master Degree

The University employs the ECTS system with all prescribed requirements in all levels of our educational programs. Credit currency or the credit system is based on the NLT. University courses that are designated with 6 ECTS have at least 40 hours of lectures by a professor, 6-10 hours of time devoted for formal direct assessment, 6-10 hours of practical training, 40 hours for project and research, 40 hours for independent study and minimum 10 hours of internships. Typical course of 6 ECTS provides at least 150 hours of NLT. Taken in its entirety, an 8 (ECTS) course provides students with 200 hours of NLT.  By general rule, 1 ECTS should involve 25-30 hours of NLT.  

Doctor Honoris Causa


International Summer School of Architecture and Design

Location: Aleksandar Palace
Location: Aleksandar Palace
University American College Skopje
Blvd. Treta makedonska brigada no.60
Skopje 1000, Macedonia

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