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What you need to use UACS Library

The Library consists of 3 sections: library, reading room and bookstore.

If you wish to use the UACS Library you must be a member and if you want to visit our website you must have an account from UACS, which you can get in the IT sector.

A Member of the Library is an individual who uses the materials, services, space or equipment of the library, which is granted by owning a library membership card. Membership of the Library is linked to payment of a membership fee, under the applicable price list of the Library. 

Library material in the library can be used by all members.

The user is responsible for the borrowed material. The material must be returned in the same condition as borrowed. In the case of damage caused to materials, the member must pay a damages fine or to compensate the same material in its original form. Damages and handling fees are calculated according to the valid pricelist of the Library.

Rental literature can be used in following period:

- For full-time students 1 (one) semester;
- Part-time students 1 (one) month;
- For postgraduates 1 (one) month.

Steps for using web library:

STEP 1: If you want to check which books we have in our library, you have to visit our website.

STEP 2: Then log in with your account, which you received from UACS IT sector; 

STEP 3: Once logged in, you will see OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)  – Library Catalog: click on that;

STEP 4: When you enter in OPAC – Library Catalog, you can search our catalog to view bibliography information which we have in our library. You can search by title, author and subject.

Also available for our members is the EBSCO electronic database.

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