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Business Council
The first constitutive meeting of the Business Council (BC) of the University American College Skopje was held on May 22nd, 2007 at the facilities of the University. The representatives of the Business Council are companies, organizations, institutions and NGO’s from Republic of Macedonia.  The representatives of the BC were elected to take part in developing educational programs, realization of the educational programs, providing internship, training and possibilities for employment.
The Business Council’s mission is: 
- To create an environment where both academia and business can have mutual communication in order to create better society,
- To encourage and support business2academia and business2business relationships,  
- To support the University as an asset for education and consulting in the society, 
- To enable internship and jobs for students and,
- Together to modestly contribute for socio-economical development of the society

Busniess Council Organizational Chart:

Business Council Organizational Chart


Ilijanco Gagovski


Microsoft, General Director

Saso Klekovski

Vice president




Vice president

Makedonski Telekon AD - Skopje, Chief Human Resources Officer

Zivko Gruevski

Former president

Honorary consul of Canada in  Macedonia



Makedonski Telekon AD - Skopje, Chief Human Resources Officer

Danica Miladinova

President/School of law and School of political science

Macedonian Lawyers Association, Executive Director

Dragana Cifliganec, PhD

President/School of Architecture

Adora Engineering, CMO

Antoni Pesev

President/School of computer science and information technology

ULTRA, Owner

Pavlina Adzi Miteva

President/School of foreign languages

MAGOR school of foreign languages, Owner

Join UACS Business Council

UACS’s Business Council is open for cooperation with all companies, institutions and organizations willing to become members.

If your company/organization/institution wishes to join us they need to sign an agreement for becoming a member of UACS Business Council. Contact person: Edi Smokvarski

Benefits for the Business Council Members:

5% discount for enrollment in all UACS academic programs
·         Posting your logo on our website with direct link to your company web site
·         Free promotion at the UACS facilities and events
·         Using our facilities for free for your company seminars, meetings, events…

Obligations from the membership in UACS Business Council:

To receive our students on internship according to the company possibilities
·         Company professionals to be guest speakers at our University
·         Attending UACS Business Council General Assembly

Click here to view a list of the Business Council Members.

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Location: Aleksandar Palace
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