UACS Business Council incorporates more than 170 companies, organizations, NGO-s and governmental bodies, united in one goal: To enable better education for young students.

The first constitutive meeting of the Business Council (BC) of the University American College Skopje was held on May 22nd, 2007 at the facilities of the University. First president was Dr. Zivko Gruevski, Honorary Consul of Canada in Macedonia ( 2006-209) followed by Iijancho Gagovski, Head of Microsoft Macedonia ( 2009-203) and the current president Mr. Antoni  Pesev  MBA , CEO of Ultra Computers and President of the Assembly of Macedonian Economic Chamber.


The Business Council’s mission is: 

  • To create an environment where both academia and business can have mutual communication in order to create better curricula, learning outcomes and learning environment;
  • To encourage and support B2B relationships;
  • To support the University as an asset for education and consulting in the society;
  • To enable internship and jobs for students and;
  • To provide – when possible – professor of management practice;Business Council consists of
  • General Assembly – All business council members
  • Clusters (Board of Trustees for each School)
  • Business council coordinative (managing) body – Consisted of:
    1. President of the Business Council,
    2. Presidents of Clusters of each school and
    3. Former president of the Business Council



Business council coordinative body (managing body)
Title Name and Surname Company
President Dragana Cifliganec Adora Engineering
Former President Magdalena Slavejkova USJE-TITAN
Vice-president  Antoni Pesev Ultra computers
Member Dimitar Kovachevski OneVip
Member Darko Gelev Metropolis Radio
City Radio,
FM Radio
Member Anita Angelovska-Bezhovska NBRM
Member Ivana Markovska Udine MM
Memeber Nikola Eftimov Alkaloid AD Skopje
School of Business Economics and Management – Cluster (Board of Trustees)
President Branko Stancev Makedonski Telekom
Member Nikola Eftimov Alkaloid
Member Ljupco Zikov Kapital
Member Saso Klekovski Consultant
Member Biljana Sanev Stopanska Banka
Member Filip Dimitrov New Moment
Member Magdalena Slavejkov USJE – TITAN
Member Vesela Curilova Komercijalna Banka
Member Dragi Tasevski NLB Tutunska Banka
Member Biljana Argir Sava Tabak Oisiguruvanje
School of Architecture and Design-Cluster (Board of Trustees)
President Dragana Cifliganec Adora Engineering
Member Igor Papes Casa Italia
Member Ramadan Aliu Tera Plan
Member Saso Blazevski Lou-Tech
Member Ivan Zafirovski DSC Design
Member Nikola Velkovski INKOM
Member Pavle Icev Dot Architects
School of Computer Science and Information Technology-Cluster (Board of Trustees)
President Antoni Pesev Ultra Computers
Member Gerasim Vancev Semos
Member Dejan Mitov Babylon
Member Ilijanco Gagovski PrymApps
Member Toni Petreski Inet
Member Vasko Kronevski Nextsense
Member Sladjan Mihajlovski MASIT
Member Vesna Ivanovska Seavus
School of Law and School of Political Science-Cluster (Board of Trustees)
President Svonko Ristevski Lawyer
Member Meri Dika Georgievska Member of Council of Judges
Member Snezana Bajlozova Judge Court of Appeal
Member Aneta Arnaudova Academy for Judges and Public
Member Darko Aleksov MOST
Member Aleksandar Krzalovski MCMS
Member Danica Miladinova Pravomatika
Member Gordan Stankovich Enforcer
School of Foreign Languages
President Pavlina Adzi Mitrevska Magor
Member Violeta Rusi Center for Foreign Languages
Member Vanco Karanfilov Tebernakul
Member Slavica-Baneva Gorgievska Letikom Plus
Member Vesna Micevska Todorovska Congress Service Center


Join UACS Business Council

UACS’s Business Council is open for cooperation with all companies, institutions and organizations willing to become members.

If your company/organization/institution wishes to join us they need to sign an agreement for becoming a member of UACS Business Council.  Contact person: Edi Smokvarski


By joining the Business council, members get benefits including but not limited to:

  • 5% discount for enrollment in all UACS academic programs – for all employees and their family members
  • Opportunity to influence the curricula development – and get tailor made programs
  • Discount for Exec Ed Courses
  • Advertisement option –   Posting your logo on our website with direct link to your company web site
  • Free promotion at the UACS facilities and events
  • Networking options: Promote your products or services to: UACS students, faculty, UACS Alumni, or other Business Council Members

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