Welcome to the 12th annual international academic conference on European integration


Skopje, Thursday 25 May 2017


This inter- and multi-disciplinary one-day conference seeks to re-examine the current situation in Europe, and to discuss scenarios of its future. In particular, it aims to juxtapose and rethink the concepts of migration, economic growth and solidarity in Europe. Following the Brexit vote amidst an ongoing migration crisis, many pose the question about the future of the European Union. While it is difficult to predict how the greatest political project in history will alter under existential pressures both from within and from without, it becomes necessary to consider the general trends, to foresee the consequences, and to offer elucidations which go beyond incited fears, continuing prejudice, or short-term interests.

The working language of the conference is English. This year the conference welcomes both paper and poster presentations by scholars and professionals from any discipline including but not limited to economics, finance, management, law, political science, international relations, environment, sociology, information science, education, media, liberal arts, language and cultural studies. PhD students are also encouraged to take part.


Sincerely yours,

Prof. Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD

UACS Rector



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