If you are a young diplomat or you wish to start a career in the diplomatic service and the international organizations, or if you see yourself as part of the public administration, working for the government, state institutions and the local self-government, then see what UACS can offer you!

The  School of Political Science offers Master of Arts or Specialization study programs in:

International Relations and Diplomacy

International Relations and Diplomacy with Business 

Human Rights [offered in Macedonian only]



  • Our mission is to create professionals who are capable of coping with modern-day challenges in the areas of international relations, diplomacy and human rights
  • In-depth knowledge in international relations and diplomacy, with a special focus on economic diplomacy, or focus on human rights
  • Carefully designed courses tackling some of the most important political and economic issues of today
  • Well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge delivered interactively by professors, experts and career diplomats
  • Interchange of professional experience among international professors, guest speakers and students
  • Exceptional mix of the best practices of European and American educational systems



Master of Arts in Political Science (120 ECTS) – Major: International Relations and Diplomacy; International Relations and Diplomacy with Business; or Human Rights

Master of Arts in Political Science (60 ECTS) – Major: International Relations and Diplomacy; International Relations and Diplomacy with Business; or Human Rights


  • Zlat Milovanovic, PhD – UACS Professor in International Law and EU Law
  • David McGaffey, PhD – Professor Emeritus in International Relations and Director of Global Stewards Institute – Berkeley, California
  • Robert Hudson, PhD– Professor of European History and Cultural Politics at the University of Derby, UK and Director of the Identity, Conflict and Representation Research Centre
  • Dimitrios Akrivoulis, PhD – Professor of International Relations at the University of Macedonia and Visiting Professor at the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (UNESCO Chair, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • Zoran Shapurikj, PhD – Professor in Constitutional Law, European Institutions, Human Rights, and Environment, former Macedonian Minister of Environment and Urban Planning
  • Stevo Pendarovski, PhD – UACS Associate Professor in International Security and Foreign Affairs, former Macedonian Deputy Minister for Public Relations and Adviser to the Macedonian President
  • Ivan Dodovski, PhD – Dean of UACS School of Political Science
  • Marina Andeva, PhD– Assistant Professor in EU Regional Policy, Minorities and Migrations, Research Fellow at the Institute for International Sociology of Gorizia (Italy), President of Center for research, cross-border cooperation and development (CRCD)
  • Heinz Bongartz, PhD – Representative of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung to Kenya, and UACS Visiting lecturer in Sociology and Development Studies
  • Zhivko Gruevski, PhD – Honorary Consul of Canada to Macedonia, and UACS lecturer in Diplomatic and Consular Law
  • Donatino Marcon former Italian Ambassador to Macedonia, and UACS Lecturer in Economic Diplomacy
  • Viktor Gaberformer Ambassador to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs , and UACS lecturer in Diplomatic Protocol, Etiquette and Correspondence
  • Erwan Fuereformer EU Ambassador to Macedonia, and UACS lecturer in European Foreign and Security Policy



Study programs (3+2) in academic year 2016/2017


Human Rights

Note: This program is offered in the Macedonian language only.


  1. Cases in International Human Rights
  2. Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  3. European System for Protection of Human Rights
  4. Organizational Behavior
  5. Gender Studies
  6. Elective courses
  7. Elective courses
  8. Elective courses
  9. Curriculum Practical Training and Specialization Project


  1. Terrorism, Security and Protection of Human Rights
  2. International Public Law
  3. International Humanitarian Law
  4. Elective courses
  5. Elective courses
  6. Master Thesis

Elective Courses:

  1. Research Methodology and Critical Thinking
  2. Qualitative Research
  3. Political Parties and Party Systems
  4. Political Culture
  5. Human Rights in Southeast Europe
  6. Ethnic and Minority Rights
  7. International Organisations
  8. Multiculturalism & Globalization
  9. Migration & Refugees
  10. Terrorism & Human Rights
  11. War Crimes & Human Rights Protection
  12. EU Policies in Different Areas
  13. Introduction to EU Law
  14. European Integration
  15. Democratic Transition in Eastern Europe
  16. Global Environmental Policies
  17. Interpersonal Communication
  18. Economic Diplomacy
  19. War and Diplomacy
  20. Diplomatic Protocol, Etiquette and Correspondence
  21. EU Foreign and Security Policy
  22. Foreign Policy Analysis
  23. Politics of Developed Countries
  24. Cases in US Foreign Policy
  25. Cases in Macedonian Foreign Policy
  26. Human Resource Management
  27. Business English

UACS reserves the right to offer selective elective courses.

Candidates who have finished four-year undergraduate studies (240 ECTS), can apply for a one-year master’s program which consists of 8 courses and an MA thesis!